Tuesday, September 12, 2017

site:facebook.com & intext:dvdrip

Discover the global state of the Piracy on Internet.

site:facebook.com & intext:dvdrip

site:pinterest.com & intext:dvdrip

site:google.com & intext:dvdrip

site:wordpress.com & intext:dvdrip

site:github.com & intext:dvdrip

site:twitter.com & intext:dvdrip

site:reddit.com & intext:dvdrip

Pattern :

site:name & intext:kind

Results :

+ Direct link to pirated contents.
+ The global state is positive for piracy as there is no control.
+ @ is relaying piracy content. | # #Piracy

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

inurl:login.php & intitle:Admin Login

Find admin login forms


inurl:login.php & intitle:Admin Login
inurl:login.aspx & intitle:Admin Login
inurl:login & intitle:Admin Login

Result :

We obtain many forms.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

intext:Hacked By & intext:Mr.Optimuz_r00t

Find defaced websites or pages


intext:Hacked By & intext:Mr.Optimuz_r00t
intext:Hacked By & intext:Mr.DreamX196

Result :

Hacked By Mr.Optimuz_r00t - Indonesian Intelegent Security - Mr.DreamX196 | AnoaGhost | Mr.Syntax_Error | 51N1CH1 | Mr.XSecr3t | Mr.Guy | Unknown~X | YaroiDariko | Mr.Optimuz_r00t | SoBakso404 | Mr.X_Kn0ck_0X | MrCopoExe | ./RootFound404 |

Note :

Blank page is the next era...

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Find htaccess files



A .htaccess (hypertext access) file is a directory-level configuration file supported by several web servers, used for configuration of site-access issues, such as URL redirection, URL shortening, Access-security control (for different webpages and files), and more. A site could have more than one .htaccess file, and the files are placed inside the web tree (i.e. inside directories and their sub-directories), and hence their other name distributed configuration files.

.htaccess files act as a subset of the server's global configuration file (like httpd.conf[2]) for the directory that they are in, or all sub-directories. The original purpose of .htaccess—reflected in its name—was to allow per-directory access control by, for example, requiring a password to access the content. More commonly, however, the .htaccess files define or override many other configuration settings such as content type, character set, CGI handlers, etc.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

intext:Dump with BackWPup & filetype:sql

Find BackWPup Wordpress dump files

BackWPup Dump file


intext:Dump with BackWPup & filetype:sql
intext:Plugin for WordPress by Daniel Huesken & filetype:sql
intext:Dump on & intext:Huesken & filetype:sql